3.7 Million Meals

That’s the total number of meals produced by our restaurant partners as part of Chefs Brigade and the City of New Orleans COVID Meal Assistance Program. At Chefs Brigade, we are connectors, bringing together restaurants, government, nonprofits, and other difference-makers to solve problems. 

During the pandemic, we tapped into the massive production capabilities of hundreds of professional kitchens and staff. By managing that force and logistical operation, we provided an efficient, cost-effective meal pipeline between independent restaurants and first responders & residents desperate for meals.

Now, Chefs Brigade is evolving into an entrepreneurial organization with the ability to educate, advocate, protect and restore the environment, assist in disasters and organize restaurants and their heroic, brilliant chefs and staff into a powerful force for good – and change.

Educate and Advocate

Chefs Brigade is building alliances with the Louisiana seafood industry and coastal restoration organizations to tackle the unfolding disaster on Louisiana’s coast. Current and future losses and disruptions throughout the Louisiana seafood industry are an existential danger to our restaurant industry – and the time for action is now.

Oyster Shell Recycling

It seems pretty simple when you think about it. Use discarded oyster shells from local restaurants to restore oyster reefs and coastal shorelines. After all, oyster shells are part of what naturally built these reefs in the first place.

The wetlands and the Gulf of Mexico have provided an incredible bounty of seafood for thousands of years, and it is up to us to protect and restore it. To read more about our involvement in this program click here.

To date, participating Chefs Brigade restaurants have recycled 152,628 pounds of oyster shells back into Louisiana marshes to build new oyster reefs and protect degrading landmass.

Chefs on Boats

Chefs on Boats is a first-of-its-kind program run jointly by the Pontchartrain Conservancy, the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, and Chef’s Brigade that seeks to take New Orleans chefs, line cooks, restaurant bartenders, FOH managers, and culinary students out into the Louisiana marsh with coastal scientists and fisheries experts for first-hand experience and education on the perils facing our coastline and fisheries.

We provide a platform for culinary and hospitality students, professionals in many areas of foodservice, and scientists to learn how the restaurant industry intersects with water quality, coastal restoration, and environmental impact. To find out more please visit ChefsonBoats.org