The French Culinary Brigade System has been in use for over a hundred years, New Orleanians have reimagined it into a true disaster response system.

The system is a true disaster response food machine. Bundling restaurants together within a brigade system, Chef’s Brigade has built a scalable, economic and powerful mechanism to feed thousands upon thousands of our food-insecure neighbors daily, while simultaneously providing badly needed funds to our local and independent restaurants, purveyors, and chefs.

Our united organization and coalition, now consisting of over 200 chefs, purveyors, and restaurateurs, has taken proven solutions from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Great Depression, and the Pandemic of 1918 and married them together with modern technologies and organized under a re-imagined culinary brigade system.

New Orleans Chefs Have Always Been First Responders

When a disaster hits home and our supply lines and communications are crippled, the core reason our brigade was created becomes apparent. Each and every chef, cook and restaurateur that is able, responds without hesitation to feed their community.

While the administrative staff  of Chef’s Brigade has been working tirelessly to support the ongoing logistics of mass feeding centers, our brigades are out there selflessly helping their neighbors.

To all of them and everyone in the food service industry that has tirelessly devoted themselves to helping their community, we salute you! 

Thanks to our partnership with Revolution Foods, The New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute (NOCHI), and D’Livery NOLA, we secured over $30 million in grants from FEMA and the City of New Orleans to feed our neighbors in need across Orleans Parish – while injecting badly needed funds into our culinary industry.

This program lasted one year and was available to any resident 65 years or above, adults with high-risk health conditions, homeless residents, individuals who test positive or was exposed to COVID-19, and children under 18 not currently on other federal meal assistance programs.