“The brigade is only supposed to make everyone’s life simple, easy, and comfortable. It is neither abusive nor nice; it’s neutral. It is a machine that can put hot, clean, delicious plates in front of the right person in a timely manner. That’s why the brigade was invented and continues to be used today.”

Chef Eric Ripert - October 29, 2015



The length of time it would take Chefs Brigade to respond to a disaster on the gulf coast and deliver 120,000 meals.

Utilizing proven solutions from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Great Depression and the Pandemic of 1918, Chef’s Brigade has taken these ideas and built a structure molded by the French Culinary Brigade System and modern technologies to build a true disaster response system.

It is an economic, scalable and long-term solution to feed thousands of people daily, while simultaneously providing a sustainable financial current to Gulf Coast independent restaurant industry and their staff.

Completely scalable to handle any level of our current and future crisis, the Chef’s Brigade system bundles restaurants together into organized units that are each then pointed and engaged with distribution points for the duration.

Utilizing our existing fine dining and independent neighborhood restaurants as distributed kitchens, Chef’s Brigade is harnessing their untapped and massive potential to become a very real force in providing meals during this crisis – a brigade can be pointed at any distribution point around the city, not only first responders and healthcare professionals, but to our neighbors most in need.

This distributed kitchen model fosters social distancing by default and coupled with extremely limited person-to-person interaction through logistics and implementing safety protocols at the on-site distribution points, the brigade system has demonstrated food production bandwidth to handle nearly any situation in our current or future crisis safely.

It is a food machine

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Understanding that this is a difficult ask of restaurants who have recently experienced a reduction of 90% of their business, Chef’s Brigade directly compensates restaurants and independent chefs involved in the program.

This simultaneous goal provides a new current of financial energy into the entire culinary industry to supplement the income of these independent restaurants and their staff subsisting only on minimal business, all the way down the food chain to the purveyors, farmers and shrimpers. Further, the brigade system assists restaurants with staff retention, and will allow for an easier industry restart once through the current crisis and beyond.