Become A Restaurant Partner

We are currently accepting new restaurant partnership inquiries in New Orleans area as we build out and deploy new brigades. If you are a restaurant owner or chef and wish to partner with Chefs Brigade, please reach out via email and we will explain the process and necessary precautions.


Please note, we currently have a backlog of restaurants and are only adding more on an as-needed basis. We encourage new restaurants to reach out, but we are currently not adding more to the brigades. More information will be posted as our needs change.

It’s time to think outside of the box and work on possible solutions – together.

Partner Inquiries


    How can my restaurant participate and join a brigade?

    Chefs Brigade is accepting in new restaurant partners in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes, however we can only launch new brigades as need and funding allows. Please use the adjacent form to reach out.

    How can purveyors help?

    All purveyors are welcome to participate and greatly appreciated. We understand that your business is also in distress, and most of our purveyors are donating bulk perishable ingredients directly into the brigade system. Please use the adjacent form to reach out to us.

    Is Chefs Brigade paying restaurants to participate?

    Yes. Chefs Brigade is a financial solution and all of the payments to our restaurant partners are possible only through crowdfunding and grant applications.

    Can my business or organization outside of the restaurant industry become involved?

    Absolutely. Please use the adjacent form to reach out to us to discuss partnership ideas or to participate in our Adopt-a-Brigade program.

    How do logistics work? How many people are you feeding at each site?

    Please reach out to us using the adjacent form and you will be contacted directly with all of the necessary information and details.

    Does Chefs Brigade need individual volunteers?

    The answer is actually no. Our restaurant partners are utilizing their existing staff. But having said that, our partner NOCHI is in need of volunteers to help with reciving of the restaurants food. If you are interestexd please visit https://www.nochi.org/volunteer

    What are the future goals for Chefs Brigade?

    Chefs Brigade has built a powerful system that can be used to provide support during virtually any crisis whether that is a hurricane or pandemic. Further, we're only now learning some of the powerful uses for the brigade system and are already having conversations about ending childhood hunger in New Orleans.