Chef’s Brigade Emergency Capital Expense Grant Guidelines

The purpose of these grants is to provide fast and immediate financial support of up to $1500 to Orleans Parish restaurants in need of emergency funds for capital expenses or improvements. The initial grant cycle will be limited to Chef’s Brigade partner restaurants in order to refine procedures and determine need.

Chef’s Brigade partner restaurants may request funds for capital expenses including outdoor heating equipment. Capital expenses include the purchase of fixed assets, such as business equipment or upgrades to facilities. Generally, grants will be made as one-time awards, not for ongoing projects or activities that require ongoing grant commitment, such as equipment leasing.

Invoices for outdoor heaters purchased prior to grant application until October 1, 2020 are allowed with a limit of $500 per establishment which counts towards the $1500 total possible award. Other prior purchases are not eligible. Expenses for perishables and alcohol are not eligible.

Chef’s Brigade partner restaurants may request financial assistance for capital expenditures and improvements for up to $1,500 per establishment.

The initial grant deadline is March 6th, 2021. Future grant deadlines will be posted as funds are allocated. 

Awards will be determined by the Chef’s Brigade Independent Grant Review Board based on assumed relative need and availability of funding. Applications will be reviewed and scored and applicants will be notified of application status.

  1. Currently, active Chef’s Brigade restaurants are eligible to apply for first-round grants.
  2. Applicants must be independently owned restaurants located in Orleans Parish, Louisiana with at least 5 team members in employment – the only employment exceptions are for food trucks and stall businesses and independent chefs currently providing meals for the City of New Orleans Meal Assistance Program.
  3. Costs incurred prior to the date of grant award are not reimbursable under this grant program, with the exception of outdoor heaters and fuel.
  4. Primary source documentation of the emergency is highly recommended including photos, invoices, estimates, etc.
  5. The Chef’s Brigade Independent Grant Review Board reserves the right to reject any applications received and/or negotiate or cancel in part or in entirety grants resulting from application awards.
  6. The Chef’s Brigade Board of Directors, in consultation with the Independent Grant Review Board, reserves the right to establish the number of grant funds awarded, raise the individual grant ceilings, and to award funds to the next highest rated applicant(s) should funds become available.
  7. Chef’s Brigade hopes to eventually open the grant application process to restaurants within Orleans Parish and not currently enrolled in the brigade, but cannot guarantee a timetable for this.
  1. Grant applications are only eligible when made via this electronic application form.
  2. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
  3. Awards will be determined by the Chef’s Brigade Independent Grant Review Board based on assumed relative need and availability of funding.
  4. Applications will be reviewed twice a month and applicants will be notified of application status.
  5. Unsuccessful applicants can resubmit.

Successful applicants should submit invoices for the capital expenditure for reimbursement. Reimbursements can go either directly to the vendor (preferred) or to the grant recipient (allowed).

Grant Application

    When did you begin working with Chef’s Brigade?

    How Many Employees?

    How Much Are Your Requesting?


    Please write a short paragraph detailing the specific capital expenditure for which you are requesting assistance.


    Please write a short paragraph explaining the significance of this capital expenditure to the function of your business (ie: how dire is the need).


    Upload any supporting documents or photos that support your case.



    Are there other ways Chef’s Brigade could support you and your restaurant? Please share suggestions.