Infrequently Asked Questions

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Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. Both Chefs Brigade and the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation are 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.

How are you distributing the meals to first responders and healthcare professionals?

Chefs Brigade is a true disaster response system. Our restaurants are bundled together into brigades and utilize their distributed kitchens at their restaurants to prepare hot, healthy and delicious meals on a daily basis. These meals are then delivered in bulk to their paired distribution site.

How do you select your distribution sites?

In coordination with city government agencies, our distribution sites are chosen based on immediate need.

Are there ways to donate other than monetarily?

Chefs Brigade does accept large bulk perishable ingredient donations from purveyors, farms and other suppliers.


How can my restaurant participate and join a brigade?

Chefs Brigade is accepting in new restaurant partners in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes, however we can only launch new brigades as our funding allows.

How can purveyors help?

All purveyors are welcome to participate and greatly appreciated. We understand that your business is also in distress, and most of our purveyors are donating bulk perishable ingredients directly into the brigade system.

Does Chefs Brigade need individual volunteers?

The answer is actually no. Our restaurant partners are utilizing their existing staff.

What are the future goals for Chefs Brigade?

Chefs Brigade has built a powerful system that can be used to provide support during virtually any crisis whether that is a hurricane or pandemic. Further, we're only now learning some of the powerful uses for the brigade system and are already having conversations about ending childhood hunger in New Orleans.


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